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Please submit your Proposal by Monday 13 April 2020 (Extended)

Strands of Symposium

Strand 1: Technology Counts: Innovate and Inspire
This strand focuses on teaching and learning with technology. This may include leveraging on active learning processes using Student Learning Space (SLS), or using technology and ICT tools to support students’ learning and increase student engagement in the classroom.

Strand 2: High-Yield Instructions: Ideas-driven, Evidence-based.
This strand focuses on high-yield instructional strategies that seek to maximise impact on student learning and improve outcomes for learners. Such strategies may include, but not limited to, differentiated instructions that respond to students’ needs and interests, strategies to promote discussions, thinking and peer interactions, effective ways of giving feedback and conducting student self-assessment.

Strand 3: Student Development: Student Voice, Self-Efficacy.
This strand focuses on how teachers promote student voice and self-efficacy, as well as nurturing students as active contributors. This strand may include classroom practices, innovation and entrepreneurship programmes, CCA and service learning activities that empower students to make greater investment in their own growth as self-directed learners or peer leaders.

Modes of Presentation

Presentations can be conducted in either of these 2 modes:

Paper Presentations: Paper presentations are of 20 to 30 minute duration, followed by Question Time.

Workshops: The session is structured with hands-on activities for participants.

Each session will be 40 mins long.

Submit papers to be published in our biennial magazine, Insights.

We invite submissions of papers/articles for publication in RGS PeRL's biennial research magazine, Insights. Our latest issue will be published in December 2020. Papers are to be submitted by September 2020. More information will be provided at a later time.