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Virtual Exhibition 2020


PeRL’s journey emerged from a bold vision articulated by the-then Principal, Mrs Julie Hoo: to establish the school as a research hub that focuses on education for high ability girls. The initial team was small but we boldly probed for our ‘blue-ocean’ proposition in education. We decided that our value proposition lies in our school-based approach to research and learning. This means that our inquiry is contextualised to actual classroom practice and the findings can, therefore, be applied to practice. We inquire, we innovate, we collaborate as a fraternity committed to high ability learners. As we are teachers ourselves, we offer a practitioner-oriented approach to workshops and talks. We share our findings and pedagogies with the larger fraternity because the energy of professional discourse sparks reflective practice and thoughtful pedagogies.

Ten years on, we continue to be guided by our motto:

Uncovering Wisdom through Pedagogy

This virtual exhibition invites you to our journey of bold interactions, collaborative inquiry and thoughtful practice. We are grateful to every individual who walked with us. Ultimately, education is a human enterprise. Our joy comes from delighting our students and collaborating with our fellow-educators.

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