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Values-in-Action: Year 1 School Clean-Up

As part of an in-house Values-in-Action activity organised by our Community Youth Leadership students, our Year 1s participated in a school clean-up activity earlier this afternoon (22 September 2020) to better support our elderly cleaners' and our estate crew’s work. Representatives from each Year 1 class also presented hand-written notes of appreciation to the estate crew to thank them for their service to the school.

Our students share some of their thoughts on the activity (from left):

"I think it's interesting that we get to experience the work that our cleaners and estate crew do everyday. We're only doing a small part of the work that they do, so I can only imagine how tough it must be having to do so much more on a daily basis." - Ng Jay En

"It's very meaningful because we get to lighten their load (for today) and they don't have to do as much work." - Tan Jingya Jiselle

"It feels good knowing that we're doing something that makes someone else's job easier, and that they appreciate what we're doing." - M.B.Dharshni