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RGS Alumnae

Registered as a society on 22 July 2014, the RGS Alumnae (RGSA) seeks to connect members with RGS girls to inspire, enable and engage these Daughters of a Better Age across the years as ambassadors for education and egalitarianism.
To that end, the RGSA has embarked on several initiatives to raise money for the RGS New Campus Development Fund in preparation for RGS’ move to its new Braddell campus. The RGSA also supports and promotes the growth and development of RGS students through the RGS Alumnae Award, which is awarded to two selected Year 3 students every year starting from 2015. This award gives outstanding students a chance to receive personal career mentoring and guidance from our alumnae based on their interests. To promote interaction and allow former RGS girls to relive their school day memories together, events such as Chic Chats are organised, which, as the name suggests, allows them to catch up over drinks in a casual setting. Networking sessions such as Straight Talk also provide opportunities for RGS girls to share their career expertise and personal experiences.

These are some of the projects undertaken to promote RGSA as

  • a community embodying the Rafflesian spirit and values that provides mentoring to students, teachers and fellow          members;
  • a collective that actively shares experiences and works toward the betterment of society, nation and self; and
  • a kindred commitment to shaping and achieving the goals of RGS.

The RGS Alumnae will continue to provide a platform for alumnae to connect with each other and with students of RGS, and will offer support to and work with the School to promote and develop a community embodying the Rafflesian spirit and values and contribute to shaping and achieving the goals of RGS.

Website: rgsalumnae.com

The 4th Executive Council of the RGS Alumnae was voted in on 27 March 2021 during their 7th AGM, which was held virtually this year.

The office bearers for 2021/2022 are as follow:

PresidentMs Lee Twe Jeog (Class of 1979)
Vice-PresidentMs Tay Hong Ling Mabel (Class of 1996)
SecretaryMs Nadia Yeo (Class of 2002) 
Assistant SecretaryMs Gu Weite (Class of 2008)
TreasurerMs Sharon Anne Sim Soo Yee (Class of 1993)
Assistant TreasurerMs Law Shu Li (Class of 1991)
MemberMs Kathryn Harsono (Class of 2009)
MemberMs Jennifer Loh Nee Sian (Class of 1992)
MemberMs Ting Hui Shan (Class of 2000)
MemberDr Goh Su-Yen (Class of 1989)
MemberMs Ang Peck Ngo, May (Class of 1979)
Co-Opted MemberMs Ngoh Seiow Lieng, Serene (Class of 1988)
Co-Opted Member
Ms Emmeline Lim (Class of 1999)
Co-Opted Member
Ms Chua Shi Min (Class of 2008)