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Vision Mission Values

Established in 1879, Raffles Girls’ School is today a beacon of education excellence, attracting the best and the brightest in Singapore and around the world. At RGS, there are limitless possibilities on which each girl can build to realise her ambitions. Together with a strong record of achievements in both the academic and co-curricular domains, RGS girls are empowered to discover their own unique ways of making a difference in their communities, and in so doing, come to embody the school’s motto Filiae Melioris Aevi – Daughters of a Better Age.

Vision To aspire, strive and dare to be active creators of a better age for all.
Mission Nurturing the high ability girl to be a leader who will realise her talents in service of nation and community.
We put people first. Respect, care and trust underpin all our interactions.

We are fair-minded, take responsibility for our ideas and actions, and demonstrate integrity and moral courage in our behaviour.

We believe that conviction, commitment and drive enable us to achieve excellence in all our endeavours.

We take pride in our work, accept responsibility for our own learning and exercise discernment and open-mindedness in our interaction with others.


To develop fine character and well-being, nurture the intellect and fire the imagination of the RGS girl as a

  • Person who is purposeful and aspires towards the greater good with integrity, empathy and resilience.
  • Leader who values diversity, cohesiveness, and inclusiveness in exerting positive influence and impact on the community.
  • Thinker who demonstrates a disposition for reflective and flexible thinking, and is willing to take intellectual risks, especially in the face of complex and ambiguous situations.
  • Pioneer who seeks opportunities and embraces challenges with courage to innovate for the common good.